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Cascade Tap Takeover at Mikkeller Bar SF

Friday, March, 22nd - Noon until supplies last!

We are happy to announce a tap takeover with one of our favorite sour beer breweries in the NW Cascade Brewing from Portland, Oregon on Friday, March 22nd from noon until the river runs dry. 

Join us for these 10 drafts!  

Cascade Belmont St. Bramble  | Sour Blonde Aged on Oak w/ Raspberries & Tangerine Peel |  13. | 6.5% | 25cl

Cascade Rose City Sour 2017 |  Sour BA Wheat & Blonde blend w/ Rose Petals, Rose Hips & Hibiscus Tea  | 13. | 7.8% | 25cl

Cascade Cocoa Rojo |  Sour Red Ale aged w/ Mission Figs & Chocolate Stout |  13. | 6.6% | 25cl

Cascade Cuvee du Jongleur |  Sour blend of Red,Trippel & Quad aged in Oak Cask |  13. | 9.4% | 25cl

Cascade Fruitopian Noyaux |  BB & WBA Sour blend of Tripel & Wheat ales w/Tangerine Peel, Raspberries & Apricot  | 13. | 9% | 25cl

Cascade Frite Galois | Sour White Port BA Wild Ale in barrels previously used for Noyeaux  | 13. | 4.6% | 25cl

Cascade Manhattan NW 2015|  BBA Blend of Sour Quad and Blonde Ales w/ Sour Pie Cherries & Apricot Noyaux |  16. | 10.3% | 25cl

Cascade Primordial Noir  |  BBA Imperial Red Ale w/ Bing Cherries & Spices |  14. | 10.5% | 25cl

Cascade Valley Flora |  BA Red Ale w/ Pinot Noir Grapes |  14. | 10% | 25cl

Cascade Vitis Noble |  Oak BA Wheat & Blonde w/ Chardonnay Grapes  | 13. | 9.1% | 25cl


GAME OF THRONES Sundays in the Sour Room!

Winter is coming.
Game of Thrones Sunday Nights in the Sour Room at 7pm (free!)

Continuing this Sunday with Season 7 we will work through 3-4 episodes per Sunday up until we host a GOT Season 8 Premier Costume Party Sunday, April 14th!

Beer & Dragons! Chocolate gold coins to those who dress up!!

**Limited capacity

National Orval Day Mikkeller Bar SF

Satrday, March, 23rd - Noon until supplies last!

Join us as we celebrate Nationwide Orval Day ! Crack a bottle with belgian trappist beerfans like you.


Mikkeller San Diego Paradise Pils Release

Tuesday, January 14th - until supplies last!

Created to raise charity funds to support the recovery efforts after the Camp Fire, 100% of the sales proceeds will go to Caring Choices and North Valley Animal Disaster Group. This is your chance to support the victims of the fires last year!

Keep an eye out for the upcoming cans of Mikkeller San Diego Paradise Pils.




Mikkeller Viking Club Can Release

Weekly Can Releases & Rotating Can Selections Daily

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